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4 March 2009

Chris Brown, Rihanna Back Together

Even Though The Investigation Is Still Ongoing Into The Charge Of Domestic Violence, Chris Brown And Rihanna Appear To Have Reunited

The Chris Brown-Rihanna saga has now taken an even stranger turn. Apparantly, the couple is back together. Brown was seen jet skiing in Miami, while staying at Diddy's house and was also spotted with member's of Rihanna's entourage. Brown took a lot of heat from other celebrities, especially Usher, because of his apparant lack of remorse and care free attitude while out jet skiing (it must be nice to be a celebrity in this economy). Come on man, you just got arrested for domestic violence and you're out cruising on a jet ski???

Add to that, Brown and Rihanna were spotted getting on a private plane and then flying to Los Angeles, back to the scene of the crime. So if there was any question of whether or not they had gotten back together, them traveling together pretty much sums it up. TMZ got a video of the couple boarding and getting off the plane, here is a link to that.

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1 comment:

coffee said...

they're getting back together? crazy; there must be more going on behind the scenes than the media can pick up on